Kevin & Family Fundraiser


Kevin Hays, loving husband and father of 3, just underwent his third surgery for stage IV colon cancer with peritoneal metastases. Doctors at Roswell Park Cancer Institute removed his spleen, gall bladder, part of his stomach, small intestines, and pancreas, but were unable to remove all of the cancer because of its proximity to blood vessels.

Kevin was initially diagnosed almost 5 years ago and has been through 3 surgeries and extensive amounts of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy has been ineffective and Kevin has exhausted all surgical options but remains hopeful another option will be found.

Kevin is very involved in education and patient advocacy, and volunteers with groups like the American Cancer Society, Colon Cancer Alliance, and has even started his own not for profit, Buffalo Colon Corp. Kevin was also featured in this year's Hockey Fights Cancer video, and was asked to drop the puck, but was unable, as it fell on the same day as his surgery.

When not giving back to his community Kevin enjoys spending time with his 3 adorable children (Abigail 6, Benjamin 3, and Charlotte 2 months) and his beautiful, amazing, supportive wife. 

Kevin and his wife were lucky enough to have made a brief trip to Paris, and vowed to take their eldest daughter back for her 16th birthday, and even decided they would move there if they weren't surrounded by family and friends here in Buffalo. As corny as it sounds, Kevin fell in love with Paris. 

The thought of going back to Paris this summer seemed like a great, but insanely stressful idea, especially with 3 children. But what if they moved there for a month? Packed up the kids, got a small flat, and emersed themselves in the culture, leaving commitments, work, and chores behind. They could live every day to the fullest and make memories that would last their children a lifetime.


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